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'UBULUNGISA- Deconstructing Gender in Afrikan Spirituality- the untold story of Afrikan Warrior

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Book Publishing, Pre-Purchasing Virtual Fundraising Event with Dr. Khanyisile Litchfield Tshabalala- https://mamakhanyisilelt.com

๐ŸŒŸ Discover 'Ubulungisa: Deconstructing Gender in Afrikan Spirituality' by Mama Khanyisile!

Dive into the untold stories of Afrikan warrior women with Mama Khanyisile's groundbreaking book, 'Ubulungisa: Deconstructing Gender in Afrikan Spirituality- the untold story of Afrikan Warrior Women.' This powerful narrative challenges conventional perspectives and celebrates the strength and resilience of Afrikan women throughout our Ubuntu history.

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To pre-order or donate towards the publishing costs, visit Mama Khanyisile's website at https://mamakhanyisilelt.com.

You will find all four tiers on the Home Page:

1. Bronze Tier - $20
- Mama Khanyisile Ubulungisa Book Pre-purchase.
- Personalized digital 'Thank You Note' from Mama Khanyisile
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2. Silver Tier - $25 per book
- 1 copy of the book at the discounted price of $25 ($30 Retail Price)
- Personalized 'Thank You Note' from Mama Khanyisile
- Closed Community Gathering with Mama Khanyisile on Friday, August 9th, 2024
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3. Gold Tier โ€“ $200 for 5 books
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- Silver Tier perks
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4. Platinum Tier โ€“ $500 for 10 books
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Be part of this transformative movement and ensure these vital stories are told.

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