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Interview with Michael Thompson, Chairman and President of OBT Social

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This video explains the reason why OBT Social was created and goes into the background of the founder.

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5 months ago
So this OBT social media platform will have "community guidelines" - say the wrong thing and you're out. They're no better than FaceBook. OBT is going to violate free speech as a matter of policy. Then there's the promise of monetary reward for saying the right thing - whatever that is. It's not defined. So that's social conditioning and behavioural nudging. A bit sick frankly. Finally, you've got exclusion on the basis of colour. How do you expect to create a non-racist world in which colour doesn't matter if you're building a platform where colour MATTERS?! Other ethnicities are going to look at this and see it as an exclusionary racist club. You have to interact with all ethnicities if you want to break down race barriers and stereotypes. The whole concept is sad and wrong. You won't fix injustices by building an island and excluding everyone else from the conversation. This idea may be well-intentioned, but it's AWFUL.
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